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Welcome to STEMology Club! Our mission is to tap into a child's natural curiosity to understand their world around them and help them discover their "Inner STEMologist"!

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About Us

STEMology Club is an after-school STEM/STEAM enrichment and advocacy program targeted at Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School youth in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rachna Mathur is an educator and a computer engineer with over 20 years of combined experience in teaching children and adults coding, AI, robotics, other STEM subjects, dance, and art. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate at ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College (#13 in the US for Education) focusing her research on early-age STEM education.


Prior to the world of education, Rachna spent 10+ years at Intel as a Software Engineer & in Product Marketing. Her first job as an ASU freshman was teaching coding, sometimes to a room of 100 students! She has served as Director at ID Tech's summer STEM camps, Academy & Marketing Director at prominent Indian dance schools in Austin and Phoenix where she lead & grew company operations, managed instructor staffs, implemented their software platforms, and most importantly, taught whenever needed!  

Robot Turtles is a board game to learn fundamentals of computational thinking and coding for PreK-3rd in an "unplugged", fun, and engaging way!




After School

We offer classes after school in-person and virtually!

STEMology Club currently offers coding, circuits, AI, and Robotics classes in person for 6-12 week sessions.

Virtual lessons are small group sessions on Zoom of 4-5 students, please reach out for more information!

STEM Pop Ups

Stay tuned for more pop-ups and events in 2021!

STEMology Club is happy to volunteer time for an interactive booth at your school science fair, community event, or in a park!

In the past, we have been at AZSciTech Events, AZ Gifted Conference, and school events!


Inspiring the Next Gen of students and educators! 

Rachna is available to present and talk to youth about STEM-related topics. She has been invited in the past to Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (2019), TCEA (2020), FETC (2020), AZSciTech (2021), and Industry Chats with Nepris. 

We are happy to answer any questions, please contact or submit the form at the bottom of the page.

4 C's+1 of the 21st Century

To navigate through our increasingly complex world, help students "Find their Inner STEMologist" and prepare them for an exciting future requires focus on the "Four C's+1 of the 21st Century"  : Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking (the original Four C's) and Curiosity (STEMology Club's additional C!)

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We support the collaborative spirit with tech tools & interactive games like Osmo, Sphero, Snapcircuits and more that encourage interactive play as students work together to achieve a common goal.


Meet our STEMologist family!




I am an Artist, an Engineer, a Tinkerer, and a Teacher! I graduated from ASU with a BS & MS in Computer Science and am working on my EdD! I have 10+ years of experience working at Intel in Software Engineering & Product Marketing and 10+ years teaching a wide range of topics from STEM subjects to Classical Indian Dance! I love tinkering, playing with my kids, and dancing!




I love experiments, building things, reading, and collecting rocks! I want to be a geologist and a paleontologist when I grow up. I am determined to dig through the earth to find the core but also write my own fiction novel. I am in 5th grade where I am busy exploring the world. I also love dancing, singing and playing with my little brother, mom, dad!




I love running around, sometimes in circles until I get dizzy and fall over! I am curious about... everything! What are those holes in the wall? Can I stick my finger in it? Where will that door take me? What happens if I fling this bowl of oatmeal on to the wall? Most of all I love playing with my sister, I want to be just like her when I grow up!




I am a Runner, a Painter, an Engineer, and Apple Enthusiast! I graduated from ASU with a MS and PhD in Industrial Engineering and Marketing. I have been in pricing consulting in London and the US at Insight, Zilliant, and Spear but have now found my calling as an Education Strategist at Jamf! I love reading, drawing, playing racquetball and running!


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